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Prevent Potential Fire Sprinkler Impairment

When it comes to protecting your people and property, a sprinkler system is a vital fire and life safety system component. When it’s functioning as it should, you barely know it’s there. But that can change in an instant when something goes wrong. Whether it’s frozen pipes that break or corrosion that causes leaks – not only can the damage be substantial, but the resulting costs to repair your building can be significant.


  • Receive notifications no matter where you are for adverse conditions.
  • Prioritize preventive maintenance on the parts of the system that need it most.
  • Get access to expert advice on how best to remediate issues.
  • Avoid costly damage and disruptions to your business operations.

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Special Offer and ESSER Funding Guide

Special Offer

Take advantage now! Install the Connected Fire Sprinkler solution on to your existing fire sprinkler system today and get 90 days of complimentary access to the Connected Fire Sprinkler dashboard* for you and any other employees you would like to be granted access.

Interested? Call 1-833-825-5515 or fill out the form above to talk to one of our experienced fire professionals.

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)

Your first priority is the safety of your students and faculty. One way to keep your safety mission is to access special relief funding to address your specific fire protection needs. Please refer to this fire protection funding guide when making an application for ESSER I, II, and III funding as you can use the language and associated clauses to help your submission.


Connected Fire Solutions To Facilitate Remote Monitoring and Ensure Compliance

The Proactive vs Reactive Approach

Move from being reactive to being proactive – prioritize preventive maintenance, get access to expert advice and better avoid costly damage and business disruptions.

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The Benefits of Connected Fire Sprinklers

Receive notifications no matter where you are, help improve the longevity of your fire sprinkler system and gain leverage with insurance companies for a potential reduction in premiums.

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System Capabilities

The solution continuously gathers information about the status of your sprinkler system to help you prevent system failure, building damage and business operations downtime.

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Remote Services Solutions

Facilities need fast service response time and protective measures such as social distancing, our solution includes a remote services team that can deal with most system issues over the phone allowing for a faster resolution and greater uptime so you can focus on driving your business in this critical time.

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Xaap Platform

The compliance platform built for building managers. Xaap is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides a single, centralized platform for building compliance data.

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Central Monitoring

Worried about staffing and monitoring your facilities during the COVID-19 crisis, our solution leverages 24/7 monitoring centers that are set up with redundancy and Covid-19 measures to ensure sufficient staff coverage for our critical customers.

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*This offer applies to customers located in the United States that have existing ES Simplex fire panels. Offer includes only the complimentary access to the Smart Connected Fire Sprinkler dashboard for 90 days after installation of the technology. The customer is responsible for all costs associated with the purchase of the technology gateways, installation, labor and materials plus taxes. Offer also requires a signed licensing agreement. No credit approval required. Offer can be withdrawn at any time. Please contact 1-833-825-5515 for further details.